Blue Label and Diluent (4800-30-11 & 4800-30-12)

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Catalog number4800-30-BL
NameBlue Label and Diluent (4800-30-11 & 4800-30-12)
Size30 samples
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Keep at4° C
Assay performanceTACS for in situ detection of apoptosis in a TUNEL test with frozen, paraffin embedded tissues. Enzymatic incorporation of biotinylated nucleotides in fragmented DNA with enzymes and permeabilization reagents, labeling and detection reagents, stop buffers, counterstain and TACS-Nuclease for in situ labeling.
More adviceStreptavidin HRP and and TACS Nucleases for positive controls are supplied for immunohistochemistry with HRP an DAB with incorporation of bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) at the 3’ OH ends of the DNA for apoptosis detection.
PropertiesBlue has a wavelength of around 480 nm and will make your sample visible. If your sample is too concentrated you can dissolve it in water.
ConjugationBlue Substrate
DescriptionBrady printing labels are printed by a label printer for labeling with 6,5 m long cassettes.