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245-4002658Block for 103x67x30mm Worm Bath, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002656Block for 12pcs x 15mL Centrifuge Tube, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002642Block for 15pcs x 1.5mL Micro Tube, WSC-2610Atto1 EA135.00€More
245-4002643Block for 15pcs x 2.0mL Micro Tube, WSC-2610Atto1 EA135.00€More
245-4002654Block for 15pcsx0.5mLMicro Tube + 20pcs x 1.5mLMicroTuAtto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002660Block for 24 pcs x 5mL Centrifuge Tube, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002641Block for 24pcs x 0.5mL Micro Tube, WSC-2610Atto1 EA135.00€More
245-4002655Block for 24pcs x φ12mm Centrifuge Tube, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002646Block for 2pcs x 50mL Centrifuge Tube, WSC-2610Atto1 EA135.00€More
245-4002652Block for 35pcs x 1.5mL Micro Tube, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002653Block for 35pcs x 2.0mL Micro Tube, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002640Block for 40pcs x 0.2mL Micro Tube, WSC-2610Atto1 EA135.00€More
245-4002645Block for 4pcs x 15mL Centrifuge Tube, WSC-2610Atto1 EA135.00€More
245-4002651Block for 54 pcs x 0.5mL Micro Tube, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002657Block for 6 pcs x 50mL Centrifuge Tube, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002644Block for 8x12.5x12.5x32mm Cubic Cell, WSC-2610Atto1 EA135.00€More
245-4002661Block for 96 deep-well plate, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002650Block for 96 pcs x 0.2mL Micro Tube, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-4002659Block for 96 well plate, WSC-2620/30Atto1 EA319.00€More
245-2321650/ 2321659Built in power supply for WSE-1165 Power AC 100-240VAtto1 EA625.00€More
245-3600100CCD cooling systemAtto1 Unit3798.00€More
245-3600110CO2 Gas insert unitAtto1 Unit8554.00€More
245-2393384Comb HolderAtto1 EA90.00€More
245-2398201Comb HolderAtto1 EA98.00€More
245-1292235Cover PlateAtto1 Unit70.00€More
245-2110030CS Analyzer softwareAtto1 EA1337.00€More
245-2008100Cyan LED KitAtto1 EA1881.00€More
245-2305225CyanRed Epi for WSE-5200Atto1 EA0.00€More
245-2305226CyanRed Power BoxAtto1 EA120.00€More
245-2392344Dialysis MembraneAtto1 EA66.00€More
245-2394062Divider Plate CPAtto3/pk59.00€More
245-2393207Drain cockAtto1 EA63.00€More
245-2393330Drain stopperAtto2/pk55.00€More
245-2393092Drain tubeAtto1 EA67.00€More
245-2393037Dummy plate 1 plateAtto1 EA68.00€More
245-2394060Dummy Plate CPAtto1 EA64.00€More
245-2393380Electrophoresis chamberAtto1 EA566.00€More
245-2006121Filter HolderAtto1 EA139.00€More
245-2130419Filter OY, 50 x 50 mmAtto1 EA116.00€More
245-2130414Filter YA-3, 50 x 50 mmAtto1 EA116.00€More
245-2394140Gel carrier for AE-6541Atto1 EA61.00€More
245-2322108Gel Casting L for WSE-1710Atto1 EA74.00€More
245-2322107Gel Casting S for WSE-1710Atto1 EA74.00€More
245-2393726Gel Holders MPAtto2/pk92.00€More
245-2394250Gel TrayAtto1 EA80.00€More
245-2398194Gel TrayAtto1 EA158.00€More
245-2393382Gel tray (dams not included)Atto1 EA164.00€More
245-2195910Gel tray L (300x250mm)Atto1 EA115.00€More
245-2195930Gel tray M (192x215mm)Atto1 EA115.00€More
245-2195931Gel tray S (194x164mm)Atto1 EA115.00€More
245-2195934Gel tray V (for Visirays)Atto1 EA115.00€More
245-2392110Grummets for EP & IEF TubesAtto12/pk67.00€More
245-2392171Input Leads with Terminal CoverAtto1 EA86.00€More
245-3529080Insulated Hose, 1 mAtto1 EA83.00€More
245-2393035MAB-12 Notched plate 2mm thickness for 1mm tickness gelAtto1 EA107.00€More
245-2393036MB-02 Plain plate 2mm thickness 1 setAtto1 EA61.00€More
245-2393546Membrane O-Rings 10-7 x 6 mmAtto3/pk58.00€More
245-2394132Mini gel tubes, 7 x 2.5 x 100 mmAtto8/pk71.00€More
245-2394122Mini gel tubes, 7 x 2.5 x 75 mmAtto8/pk69.00€More
245-2130446Neutral Density Filter ND-0.1, 50 x 50 mmAtto1 EA139.00€More
245-2130432Neutral Density Filter ND-13, 50 x 50 mmAtto1 EA116.00€More
245-2305150NEW: WSE-5150 Compact PrintGraphAtto1 EA0.00€More
245-2006300NEW: WSE-6300 Luminograph III All-in-One modelAtto1 EA23878.00€More
245-2006305NEW: WSE-6300 Luminograph III Basic modelAtto1 EA27586.00€More
245-2393635Notched Glass Plates CPAtto2/pk102.00€More
245-2331140PAGEL Adapter, AE-6500(6450)Atto1 EA54.00€More
245-2393731PAGEL Holders MPAtto2/pk92.00€More
245-2398232Plain Glass Plates 2/pk, RM(MB-00)Atto1 EA61.00€More
245-2393637Plain Glass Plates CPAtto2/pk59.00€More
245-2392031Plain Glass Plates RSAtto2/pk67.00€More
245-1212213Plastic caseAtto4 pcs.62.00€More
245-2393634Plate Set, CPAtto1 EA81.00€More
245-2328441Power Input LeadsAtto1 EA85.00€More
245-2398200Preparative comb, 1.5mmAtto1 EA79.00€More
245-2398209Preparative comb, 1mmAtto1 EA79.00€More
245-3511065Printer paper for AB-2270, 10/pkAtto10/pk136.00€More
245-1292231Pump HeadAtto1 EA346.00€More
245-1292231Pump HeadAtto1 Unit346.00€More
245-2130452R-60 filter, 50mmAtto1 EA116.00€More
245-2398265RM10-12 smiling-less mini comb 1 setAtto2 pcs.77.00€More
245-2398224RM10-14 smiling-less mini comb 1 setAtto1 pcs.77.00€More
245-2398252RM10-18 smiling-less mini comb 1 setAtto1 set77.00€More
245-2398255RM10-21 smiling-less mini comb 1 setAtto1 pcs.77.00€More
245-2312211Rubber band holderAtto3 Unit62.00€More
245-2393381Safety coverAtto1 EA120.00€More
245-2008060SCF515 filter, 50mmAtto1 EA293.00€More
245-1292233Set of RollersAtto1 Unit134.00€More
245-2130430Short wave pass filter (SWP filter)Atto1 EA506.00€More
245-2392265Silicone capsAtto6/pk74.00€More
245-1221306SJ-1211Ⅱ-H Perista Pump, 110VAtto1 Unit560.00€More
245-1221305SJ-1211Ⅱ-H Perista Pump, 230VAtto1 Unit560.00€More
245-1221316SJ-1211Ⅱ-L Perista Pump, 110VAtto1 Unit673.00€More
245-1221315SJ-1211Ⅱ-L Perista Pump, 230VAtto1 Unit673.00€More
245-2393038Space plate 1 plateAtto1 EA59.00€More
245-2312212Stick sheetAtto2 pcs.74.00€More
245-2398204Tape (Water proof)Atto1 EA55.00€More
245-2398205Tape 3/pkAtto1 EA60.00€More
245-3511068Teflon tubing with fitting, 20 cmAtto1 EA65.00€More