Free Radical Evaluator System FREE DUO (dROMs/BAP)

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Catalog numberJAI-K-001
NameFree Radical Evaluator System FREE DUO (dROMs/BAP)
Size1 unit
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DescriptionThis is for oxidation/antioxidation status testing instrument. It has the dual reading cell and it is able to perform two analyses simultaneously for example the d-ROMs Test (oxidation status) and the BAP Test (antioxidant status).
Assay itemsdROMs test (oxidation status), BAP test (antioxidant status)
SamplesSerum or heparinised plasma
IntegratedMini-centrifuge, Display, Printer
Photometer2 units (channel A and B)
Incubation cell holder6 units
Dimensions28,6 cm x 28,6 cm x 11.3 cm
Weight3,5 kg