Indocyanine Green

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Catalog numberIC-GREEN
NameIndocyanine Green
Size1 pack
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DescriptionIndocyaninine Green comprises a pack of 6 x 125mg vials IC- Green and 6 x 10mL Amps Aqueous Solvent.
OrderingTo order the Indocyanine Green, please use the Cat.#IC-GREEN in your purchase order that you have to send by email or Fax. For bulk or larger quantity, please contact us, a discount may apply.
Technical filePlease contact our technical support to request the latest datasheet, safety datasheet or a representative certificate of analysis
PrecautionsThe Indocyanine Green is manufactured in the United States and intended to be used for research use only or for diagnostics purposes by high qualified persons. Not for human or animal consumption. For any questions regarding the safety of this product, please contact us.