vWF Total Antigen Kit

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Catalog numberABP-TOT-KIT
NamevWF Total Antigen Kit
Size96 Test Kit
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DescriptionThe von Willebrand Factor Antigen Test Kit is an ELISA kit for determination of vWF levels in human plasma which are expressed in relative percent of normal. Recommended to be as supplementary diagnosis of von Willebrand Disease in patients with bleeding disorders and/or help differentiation between vWD and classic Hemophilia A. The von Willebrand Factor Antigen Test Kit is very accurate test kit because it can detect antigen levels as low as 5% of normal ones. Each ABP vWF Total Antigen 96-microwell test kit comprises 12 x 8 anti-human von Willebrand Factor antibody coated microwells (12 strips of 8 breakaway wells), 60mL Sample Diluent, 3 x 0.5mL lyophilized Reference Plasma for preparation of reference curve with assay sheet, 12mL HRP conjugated anti-human vWF Antibody Solution, 13mL Substrate (TMB/H2O2), 15mL Stopping Solution (0.36N sulfuric acid) and 30mL Wash Concentrate (33X phosphate buffered saline supplemented with 0.01% Tween 20).
OrderingTo order the vWF Total Antigen Kit, please use the Cat.#ABP-TOT-KIT in your purchase order that you have to send by email or Fax. For bulk or larger quantity, please contact us, a discount may apply.
Technical filePlease contact our technical support to request the latest datasheet, safety datasheet or a representative certificate of analysis
PrecautionsThe vWF Total Antigen Kit is manufactured in the United States and intended to be used for research use only or for diagnostics purposes by high qualified persons. Not for human or animal consumption. For any questions regarding the safety of this product, please contact us.
Additional descriptionAntigens are peptides or recombinant or native dependent on the production method.