Double set with CPDA-1 Blood Collection Set

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Catalog numberRD450/300Ca
NameDouble set with CPDA-1 Blood Collection Set
Size2 blood bag system
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Propertiesravimed blood bag systems
Advantagescontainer sets are designed for safe and effective blood collection, its further processing and storage. The simplicity of servicing combined with the highest quality of performance facilitates efficient work and optimal use of blood components. An extremely sharp needle was designed with the patient's comfort in mind. A broad selection of container configurations enable adjusting the sets for all the needs of the modern Blood Service
SpecificationsContainers are made from PVC foil type Transfufol 3222, and containers for blood platelets storage from PVC foil type Transfufol 3224 (thickness: 0,35 mm) produced by Renolit BV (former Solvay Draka), The Netherlands. Tubing have internal diameter of 3 mm and external diameter of 4,1 mm. Donor tubing's length is 110-150cm, transfer bags connecting tubing have length 20-70cm depending on the set type. The needle, 16 G size, is made of stainless steel with polypropylene cover. Blood preservative solutions can contain citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, glucose, adenine, guanosine, sodium chloride and mannitol. ACD stands for qualitative composition of the solution and is an abbreviation of first letters of its constituents - Acid citric, Citrate Sodium, Dextrose, CPDA-1- Citrate, Phosphate, Dextrose, Adenine, CPD - Citrate, Phosphate, Dextrose, SAGM - Saline, Adenine, Glucose, Mannitol.
Tissueblood, set
DescriptionBlood is slightly basic and contains proteins, hemoglobin, albumins in its serum. GDNS supplies this blood related product in 1.