MICRO Clot cuagulometer cuagulation meter

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Catalog number1600
NameMICRO Clot cuagulometer cuagulation meter
Size1 instrument
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PropertiesMeasuring System : Photometric Optical Measurement : Photodiode Cuvette Volume (Minimum) : 150 µl Sample & Reagent Mixing : With magnetic stirrer Dry block Incubator Number of Cuvettes : 10 + 1 Test tube holder Temperature : 37°C Timer : 2 channels for programming incubation time Light Source : LED Display : Four line LCD, back lit, 4 x 20 Characters Printer : Built - in thermal printer, 20 Column Memory : 35 Open tests Analysis Mode : CLOT TIME, INR (PT) MULTI STD (FIB) Results displayed in : Seconds : Ratio : INR (Automatically Calculated) : Concentration Power : 50 Watts / 115 - 230 Volts ± 50 - 60 Hz Weight : 3 Kgs.
AdvantagesMICRO CLOT 1600 is an Activated clot time machine with sophisticated on board software. Its versatile and unique software supports most of the calculation required for interpretation of results. It is a reliable, high precision machine. It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use
SpecificationsDesigned to perform all routine tests such as PT, APTT, TT, FIB and clotting factors. Results are both printed and displayed in seconds and in concentration. Data is printed and stored with RATIO and INR Robonik values. Dry block incubator for 37 degree centigrade with multi timer. Prints and stores calibration graph. Uniform mixing of Sample & Reagent with magnetic stirrer. Automatic sensing of cuvette insertion. Automatic sensing of dispensing of Reagent that triggers the reaction. Facility to enter clinic name.