Alleleustrious pWasabi-Alpha-Actinin fusion vector Alpha-Actinin

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Catalog numberABP-FP-WALAC
NameAlleleustrious pWasabi-Alpha-Actinin fusion vector Alpha-Actinin
Size5 ug
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You will recive thisRoom Temperature
Product FamilyFluorescent Proteins
Name of the reagentPlasmids
SpecificationOrganelle Markers
DescriptionThe Alleleustrious pWasabi-Alpha-Actinin vector Alpha-Actinin is a α- or alpha protein sometimes glycoprotein present in blood.Fusion proteins or chimeric proteins are proteins created through the joining of two or more genes that originally coded for separate proteins. A GFP gene is often used as tag to a reporter gene. Fusion lentiverctors can be used as viral particles to produce proteins that carry for example a GFP tag. Antigen purification of recombinant fusion tag proteins is a frequent strategy using a Fralg tag.