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E2110-PG1.5-BS10 X 10cm PLAIN GLASS PLATESCorning1 PK82.00€More
K446100mm DRYING TUBE PE 20/PKCorning20 PK79.00€More
P3612L1200-230E12 CHANNEL ELECTRONIC PIPETTECorning1 EA684.00€More
E2110-12-0.7512 WELL COMB 75mm THICKCorning1 EA84.00€More
I-5211-DS-220V211DS SHAKING INCUBATOR 230VCorning1 EA3515.00€More
K568-0430mm TEST TUBE RACK - BLUECorning5 PK98.00€More
K568-1030mm TEST TUBE RACK - REDCorning5 PK98.00€More
K568-0330mm TEST TUBE RACK - WHITECorning5 PK98.00€More
K568-0630mm TEST TUBE RACK - YELLOWCorning5 PK98.00€More
TCSC-028 Strip Caps 125/Pk 10Pk/CaseCorning1250 CS209.00€More
TCST-028 Strip Tubes 125/Pk - 10Pk/CCorning1250 CS519.00€More
K1943ABBOTT CUPS - PS - 2000/PKCorning2000 PK84.00€More
P9010AC adapter pack [115V plu plug/230V EU plug/230VUKCorning1 EA85.00€More
D0461Accessory Kit,Labnet,Contains D0462, D0466 And Stir Bar ReceiverCorning1 EA180.00€More
D1105A-RACKAccuRack accessory for 20 x 1.5mL tubes, works with D1105A blockCorning3 PK80.00€More
D0100-RACKAccurack For Mini Dry Bath, PkCorning1 PK69.00€More
PS1000-100ACCUSEAL HS-100-QPCR case ofCorning500 CS418.00€More
PS1000-150ACCUSEAL HS-150-QPCR case ofCorning500 CS418.00€More
PS1000-400ACCUSEAL HS-400 500 FILMS/CSCorning500 CS429.00€More
P3630LAcrylic Pipette Stand - 3 PositionCorning1 EA110.00€More
C0252-85AADAPTER - 10mL IN 12mL ROTORCorning1 EA83.00€More
C0446-75A-RBADAPTER 18x15mL RB 17mmCorning2 PK376.00€More
C0446-52DADAPTER 1x1.5mL 11mm LENGTH 4Corning2 PK131.00€More
C0446-51CADAPTER 1x175/225mL 61.5mmCorning2 PK236.00€More
C0446-51AADAPTER 1x250mL 61.5mm LENGTHCorning2 PK236.00€More
C0446-75EADAPTER 1x250mL BOTTLE 62mmCorning2 PK376.00€More
C0446-51BADAPTER 1x250mL CORNING 60.5mmCorning2 PK236.00€More
C0446-51DADAPTER 1x50mL 29.5mm LENGTH 1Corning2 PK236.00€More
C0446-52CADAPTER 1x5mL (RIA) 13.5mmCorning2 PK95.00€More
C0446-52BADAPTER 1x7mL 13.5mmCorning2 PK98.00€More
C0446-75FADAPTER 21x10mL 16mmCorning2 PK376.00€More
C0360-94C-2ADAPTER 2x15mL RB 17mm LENGTHCorning2 PK159.00€More
C0446-75GADAPTER 32x7mL 13mmCorning2 PK376.00€More
C0446-51EADAPTER 3x50mL 29mm LENGTH 103Corning2 PK236.00€More
C0446-51FADAPTER 4x30mL 25.5mm LENGTH 9Corning2 PK236.00€More
C0446-51GADAPTER 6x15mL FALCON 17mmCorning2 PK236.00€More
C0446-75C-RBADAPTER 7x50mL RB 29mmCorning2 PK376.00€More
C0446-75IADAPTER 8x30mL 26mmCorning2 PK376.00€More
701.016ADAPTER FOR 1.0mL CRYO TUBESCorning1 PK128.00€More
701.015ADAPTER FOR 1.5/2.0mL TUBESCorning1 PK128.00€More
701.017ADAPTER FOR 1.8mL CRYO TUBESCorning1 PK128.00€More
C0360-76AADAPTER FOR 15mlCorning2 PK164.00€More
C0360-94DAdapter for 50mL conical tubesCorning2 PK164.00€More
C1000-ADAPTAdapter for PCR strips, blueCorning1 PK80.00€More
C0446-75LADAPTER FOR SARSTEDT 38x1.1-1.Corning2 PK329.00€More
C0446-75KADAPTER FOR VACUTAINER 18x5 ORCorning2 PK329.00€More
C0446-75JADAPTER FOR VACUTAINER 21x1.8-Corning2 PK329.00€More
C0446-52AADAPTER FOR15mL FALCON/RB 17mmCorning2 PK120.00€More
C0230-20Adapter, 1.5mL tubes for 15mL rotorCorning4 PK151.00€More
C0446-75A-CBAdapter, 14 x 15mL, conicalCorning2 PK329.00€More
C0232-8BAdapter, 15mL conical tubes for 50mL rotorCorning6 PK139.00€More
C0036-21AAdapter, 3 x 15mL, conicalCorning2 CS207.00€More
C0446-75BAdapter, 5 x 50mLCorning2 PK329.00€More
C0232-9BAdapter, 5/7mL round tubes for 50mL rotorCorning6 PK139.00€More
C0446-75C-CBAdapter, 7 x 50mL, conicalCorning2 PK329.00€More
C0036-52AADAPTER-15mL FALCON/RB TUBES 1Corning2 PK120.00€More
I-5319Additional shelf 16.5 x 13 for incubatorCorning1 EA140.00€More
I-5619Additional shelf, 20.5 x 19Corning1 EA160.00€More
C1303-SCAdditional slid cassetteCorning2 PK118.00€More
C0446-52ANGLE ROTOR 10x50mL TUBESCorning1 EA1910.00€More
C0216-12.5-V2ANGLE ROTOR 12 X 5mL REACTIONCorning1 EA1034.00€More
C0382-78HANGLE ROTOR 6 x 85ml HEREMETICCorning1 EA2861.00€More
C0382-76ANGLE ROTOR 8 x 30ml HIGH SPEECorning1 EA1915.00€More
C0446-51ANGLE ROTOR FOR 4x500 mL TUBESCorning1 EA3305.00€More
C0446-87HANGLE ROTOR SEALABLECorning1 EA1147.00€More
P9605Axygen 600ul, 96 Well Deep Well Plate (SBS FootPrint), 20 Plates Per CaseCorning20 PK116.00€More
P3600L-BAT-1Battery, 3.6V 920MahCorning1 EA78.00€More
P2029BENCH STANDCorning1 EA60.00€More
C0446-230VBench Top Centrifuge Z446 K, 2Corning1 EA5595.00€More
C0446-K-230VBench Top Refrigerated CentrifugeCorning1 EA8140.00€More
P3998BioFree Pipette Tips, 5000µL tips, bulk pack of 250Corning250 PK68.00€More
P4512-300BioPETTE PLUS 12-CHANNEL PIPETCorning1 EA440.00€More
D1102Block, 0.2mL PCR tubes or 6 x 0.2mL stripsCorning1 EA127.00€More
D1115-TALLBlock, 12 x 15mL centrifuge tubesCorning1 EA124.00€More
D1116Block, 12 x 16mm tubesCorning1 EA124.00€More
D1117Block, 12 x 17mm tubesCorning1 EA119.00€More
D1110Block, 20 x 10mm tubesCorning1 EA119.00€More
D1112Block, 20 x 12mm tubesCorning1 EA119.00€More
D1113Block, 20 x 13mm tubesCorning1 EA119.00€More
D1102ABlock, 20 x 2.0mL tubesCorning1 EA124.00€More
D1105Block, 24 x 0.5mL tubesCorning1 EA124.00€More
D1106Block, 35 x 6mm tubesCorning1 EA124.00€More
D1150-TALLBlock, 5 x 50mL centrifuge tubesCorning1 EA124.00€More
D1120Block, 6 x 20 mm tubesCorning1 EA119.00€More
D1125Block, 6 x 25 mm tubesCorning1 EA119.00€More
D1101Block, solid for machining, no holesCorning1 EA114.00€More
D1105ABock, 24 x 1.5mL tubesCorning1 EA124.00€More
C0230-55ABooster cushion, 12 x 75 mmCorning1 EA601.00€More
D0464Boss Head Clamp,Labnet,1/1Corning1 EA83.00€More
H5100-RODSCarousel Stacking RodsCorning2 PK67.00€More
H5116-15ACarousel, 16 x 15mLCorning1 EA169.00€More
H5132-HACarousel, 32 x 1.5mLCorning1 EA195.00€More
H5132-VACarousel, 32 x 1.5mL or 16 x 15mL conicalCorning1 EA199.00€More
H5250-4ACarousel, 4 x 250mL flasksCorning1 EA173.00€More
H5108-50ACarousel, 8 x 50mL, conicalCorning1 EA141.00€More
C0326-722Centrifuge adapter for 1 x 15mL falcon tubesCorning2 PK202.00€More
C0360-94ACentrifuge adapter for 1 x 50mL round tubesCorning2 PK164.00€More
C0360-94CCentrifuge adapter for 15 "&" 16mL round or conical tubesCorning2 PK164.00€More