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8125Stacked Processing/Embedding Cassette Tan; 800/cssakura20 x 40150.93€More
8187Stacked Processing/Embedding Cassette White; 800/cssakura20 x 40150.93€More
8179Stacked Processing/Embedding Cassette Yellow; 800/cssakura20 x 40150.93€More
8120Stacked Uni Cassette Aqua; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8157Stacked Uni Cassette Blue; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8119Stacked Uni Cassette Gold; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8156Stacked Uni Cassette Green; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8118Stacked Uni Cassette Lilac; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8117Stacked Uni Cassette Orange Burn; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8158Stacked Uni Cassette Orange; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8155Stacked Uni Cassette Pink; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8135Stacked Uni Cassette Red; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8153Stacked Uni Cassette Tan; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8170Stacked Uni Cassette White; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
8154Stacked Uni Cassette Yellow; 400/cssakura10 x 40117.26€More
7070Stacks Paraform Frames Aqua; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7071Stacks Paraform Frames Blue; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7073Stacks Paraform Frames Gold; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7074Stacks Paraform Frames Green; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7072Stacks Paraform Frames Grey; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7075Stacks Paraform Frames Lilac; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7076Stacks Paraform Frames Orange; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7077Stacks Paraform Frames Pink; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7078Stacks Paraform Frames Red; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7079Stacks Paraform Frames Tan; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7080Stacks Paraform Frames White; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
7081Stacks Paraform Frames Yellow; 400/cssakura10 x 40154.85€More
4162Stainless Steel Base Mold 15x15x5 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12287.19€More
4121Stainless Steel Base Mold 16x16x6 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12434.14€More
4131Stainless Steel Base Mold 22x22x12 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12300.96€More
4122Stainless Steel Base Mold 22x22x6 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12434.14€More
4163Stainless Steel Base Mold 24x24x5 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12287.19€More
4164Stainless Steel Base Mold 30x24x5 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12287.19€More
4132Stainless Steel Base Mold 32x25x12 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12300.96€More
4123Stainless Steel Base Mold 32x25x6 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12434.14€More
4165Stainless Steel Base Mold 37x24x5 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12287.19€More
4133Stainless Steel Base Mold 38x25x12 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12300.96€More
4124Stainless Steel Base Mold 38x25x6 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12434.14€More
4161Stainless Steel Base Mold 7x7x5 mm; 12/cssakura1 x 12287.19€More
4846Tamper Set (Large + Small)sakuraset of 275.92€More
5781TEC 5 150-Cassette Transfer Traysakura1 each478.53€More
5782TEC 5 75-Cassette Transfer Traysakura1 each457.10€More
5783TEC 5 Base Mold Dividerssakura2 x 1277.99€More
5770TEC 5 Electrical Forceps 1 mmsakura1 each1.00€More
5786TEC 5 Electrical Forceps 2 mmsakura1 each1.00€More
5771TEC 5 Electrical Forceps 4 mmsakura1 each1.00€More
5785TEC 5 Foot Pedal Switchsakura1 each434.14€More
5784TEC 5 Magnifying Glasssakura1 each477.01€More
5787TEC 5 Removable Hot Platesakura1 each1.00€More
4499TEK Wax Paraffin I, 1 x 10 kg 50 - 52 °Csakura1 x 10 kg224.42€More
4500TEK Wax Paraffin I, 1 x 25 kg 50 - 52 °Csakura1 x 25 kg323.92€More
4498TEK Wax Paraffin I, 4 x 2.5 kg 50 - 52 °Csakura4 x 2.5 kg193.81€More
4653TEK Wax Paraffin II, 1 x 10 Kgsakura1 x 10 kg160.12€More
4659TEK Wax Paraffin II, 1 x 25 Kgsakura1 x 25 kg354.54€More
4656TEK Wax Paraffin II, 4 x 2,5 Kgsakura4 x 2,5 kg144.81€More
4509TEK Wax Paraffin III, 1 x 10 Kgsakura1 x 10 kg138.69€More
4502NTEK Wax Paraffin III, 10 x 1 Kgsakura10 x 1 kg152.47€More
4508TEK Wax Paraffin III, 25 Kgsakura1 x 25 kg271.87€More
4511TEK Wax Paraffin III, 4x2,5 Kgsakura4 x 2,5 kg144.81€More
4524TEK Wax Paraffin IV, 1 x 10 kg 54 - 57 °Csakura1 x 10 kg187.67€More
4525TEK Wax Paraffin IV, 1 x 25 kg 54 - 57 °Csakura1 x 25 kg323.92€More
4523TEK Wax Paraffin IV, 4 x 2.5 kg 54 - 57 °Csakura4 x 2.5 kg163.18€More
4495TEK+ Blue Embedding Wax, 4 x 2.5 kgsakura4 x 2.5 kg154.00€More
1426Tissue-Clear Xylene Substitute Solvent; 10 Lsakura1 x 10 L155.53€More
1472Tissue-Clear Xylene Substitute Solvent; 200 Lsakura1 x 200L2.00€More
1466Tissue-Clear Xylene Substitute Solvent; 5 Lsakura1 x 5 L97.35€More
4785Trimming Blade 130 mm; 50/cssakura1 x 50360.66€More
4789Trimming Blade 260 mm; 50/cssakura1 x 50530.58€More
1455Trimming Knife Handle F80-Minisakura1 each60.62€More
4120FUniCassette Aqua; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4120UniCassette Aqua; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4157FUniCassette Blue; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4157UniCassette Blue; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4192UniCassette Filing Cabinetsakura1 each382.09€More
4119FUniCassette Gold; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4119UniCassette Gold; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4156FUniCassette Green; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4156UniCassette Green; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4118FUniCassette Lilac; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4118UniCassette Lilac; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4117FUniCassette Orange Burn; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4117UniCassette Orange Burn; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4158FUniCassette Orange; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4158UniCassette Orange; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4155FUniCassette Pink; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4155UniCassette Pink; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4135FUniCassette Red; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4135UniCassette Red; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4153FUniCassette Tan; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4153UniCassette Tan; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
4170UniCassette White; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000305.56€More
4154FUniCassette Yellow; 2000/cssakura1 x 2000216.76€More
4154UniCassette Yellow; 500/cssakura1 x 50095.83€More
5267VIP 5 150-Cassette Basket with Dividerssakura1 each1.00€More
5265VIP 5 150-Cassette Basket with Dividers and Handlessakura1 each1.00€More
5268VIP 5 75-Cassette Basket with Dividerssakura1 each1.00€More
5266VIP 5 75-Cassette Basket with Dividers and Handlessakura1 each1.00€More
5271VIP 5 Basket Dividers Setsakura1 set732.66€More
5269VIP 5 Basket Handles for 150-Cassette Basket (5267)sakura1 each503.03€More
5270VIP 5 Basket Handles for 75-Cassette Basket (5268)sakura1 each457.10€More