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1438Accu-Cut SRM Series 3-Axis Orientation Attachment for Clampsakura1 each2.00€More
1494Accu-Cut SRM Series 400 Waste Traysakura1 each827.57€More
1434Accu-Cut SRM Series Blade Holder Base Assemblysakura1 each1.00€More
1469Accu-Cut SRM Series Blade Holder for High Profile Disposable Bladessakura1 each1.00€More
1435Accu-Cut SRM Series Blade Holder for Low Profile Disposable Bladessakura1 each1.00€More
1447Accu-Cut SRM Series Bottle Of Oil (Type 405); 50 mLsakura1 x 50 mL253.50€More
1441Accu-Cut SRM Series Dust Protective Coversakura1 each131.04€More
1436Accu-Cut SRM Series High-Profile Back Plate (Part Of 1469)sakura1 each343.82€More
1442Accu-Cut SRM Series Knife Holder N Assembly for Steel Knifessakura1 each1.00€More
1437Accu-Cut SRM Series Low-Profile Back Plate (Part Of 1435)sakura1 each343.82€More
1440Accu-Cut SRM Series Maintenance Kitsakura1 each792.35€More
1443Accu-Cut SRM Series Non-Orientating Attachment for Clampssakura1 each1.00€More
1444Accu-Cut SRM Series Specimen Clamp 40 x 40 mmsakura1 each891.87€More
1445Accu-Cut SRM Series Super Mega-Cassette Clampsakura1 each905.64€More
1439Accu-Cut SRM Series Universal Cassette Clamp with Adaptersakura1 each1.00€More
1446Accu-Cut SRM Series V-Insertsakura1 each233.59€More
1468Accu-Cut SRM Series Waste Traysakura1 each311.68€More
4899Activated Carbon Cartridge for VIP E-Serie/5/Jr.sakura1 x 2446.38€More
4899Activated Carbon Cartridge for VIP E-Serie/5/Jr.sakura1 each446.38€More
6160Activated Carbon Filter for VIP 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor, 2/cssakura1 x 2813.78€More
9598Adhesive Glass Slides Ground Edges 90° Clipped Corner Bluesakura20 x 72388.44€More
9601Adhesive Glass Slides Ground Edges 90° Clipped Corner Greensakura20 x 72388.44€More
9602Adhesive Glass Slides Ground Edges 90° Clipped Corner Orangesakura20 x 72388.44€More
9599Adhesive Glass Slides Ground Edges 90° Clipped Corner Pinksakura20 x 72388.44€More
9603Adhesive Glass Slides Ground Edges 90° Clipped Corner Purplesakura20 x 72388.44€More
9597Adhesive Glass Slides Ground Edges 90° Clipped Corner Whitesakura20 x 72388.44€More
9600Adhesive Glass Slides Ground Edges 90° Clipped Corner Yellowsakura20 x 72388.44€More
9618Advanced Adhesive Ground Edges 90° Clipped Corner Whitesakura20 x 72467.60€More
4680AO/Reichert Cryostat Blade Holder (for American Optical)sakura1 each3.00€More
5009AutoSection High-Profile Blade Holder for Automated Rotary Microtomesakura1 each2.00€More
5008AutoSection Low-Profile Blade Holder for Automated Rotary Microtomesakura1 each2.00€More
4658AutoSection Microtome Waste Bag for Automated Rotary Microtome, 250/cssakura1 each198.39€More
7093AutoTEC a120 Automated Embedding System 20-Cassette Magazinesakura1 x 6270.70€More
7094AutoTEC a120 Automated Embedding System Cassette Magazine Retainersakura1 x 4153.25€More
7095AutoTEC a120 Automated Embedding System Output Doorsakura1 x 23.00€More
7062AutoTEC a120 Automated Embedding System Paraffin Inner Tray #1sakura1 each363.50€More
7063AutoTEC a120 Automated Embedding System Paraffin Inner Tray #2sakura1 x 2605.65€More
7096AutoTEC a120 Automated Embedding System Splash Guardsakura1 x 60.00€More
7006AutoTEC Automated Embedder 20-Cassette Magazine (for Xpress); 4/cssakura4 x 1750.84€More
7005AutoTEC Automated Embedder 32-Cassette Magazine (for VIP); 4/cssakura4 x 1645.31€More
7007AutoTEC Automated Embedder Magazine Handle; 6/cssakura6 x 1111.75€More
7008AutoTEC Automated Embedder Output Door; 2/cssakura2 x 11.00€More
7010AutoTEC Automated Embedder Paraffin Trough; 12/cssakura1 x 12238.08€More
7013AutoTEC Automated Embedder Seismic Anchorage Kitsakura1 each1.00€More
6508Barcode System for Coverslipperssakura1 each6.00€More
7109Basket Transportation Tray for VIP 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processorsakura1 each152.47€More
4077Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Blue; 500/cssakura4 x 2501.00€More
4076Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Green; 500/cssakura4 x 2501.00€More
4074Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Grey; 500/cssakura4 x 2501.00€More
4067Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Torpedo Base Mold (product #4073-4077); 12/cssakura1 x 12434.14€More
4073Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette White; 500/cssakura4 x 2501.00€More
4075Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Yellow; 500/cssakura4 x 2501.00€More
4087Biopsy/UniCassette Blue; 500/cssakura1 x 500233.59€More
4174Biopsy/UniCassette Green; 500/cssakura1 x 500233.59€More
4172Biopsy/UniCassette Grey; 500/cssakura1 x 500233.59€More
4090Biopsy/UniCassette Orange; 500/cssakura1 x 500233.59€More
4089Biopsy/UniCassette Pink; 500/cssakura1 x 500233.59€More
4045Biopsy/UniCassette Red; 500/cssakura1 x 500233.59€More
4086Biopsy/UniCassette White; 500/cssakura1 x 500233.59€More
4088Biopsy/UniCassette Yellow; 500/cssakura1 x 500233.59€More
6036Bottle Labels for VIP 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor, 1x10sakura1 x 10202.99€More
4814Cleaning Brush; 10/cssakura1 x 10212.16€More
4650Cold Plate (1 base & 6 plates), set of 3 kgsakura1 set256.56€More
4768Coverslipping Film 20-Slide Basket; 10/cssakura1 x 10535.18€More
4749Coverslipping Film Cap for Waste Bottlesakura1 each78.98€More
4746Coverslipping Film Cap for Xylene Bottlesakura1 each78.98€More
4748Coverslipping Film Waste Bottle (200 mL)sakura1 each46.83€More
4745Coverslipping Film Xylene Bottle (500 mL)sakura1 each155.53€More
4730CRYO 2000 Round Cryomold Biopsy; 100/cssakura1 x 100157.06€More
4728CRYO 2000 Round Cryomold Standard; 100/cssakura1 x 100157.06€More
5819Cryo3 4-Cavity Cryobar Insertsakura1 each100.41€More
5820Cryo3 4-Post Cryobar Insertsakura1 each117.26€More
5839Cryo3 Anti-Roll Platesakura1 each2.00€More
5831Cryo3 Anti-Roll Rakesakura1 each420.37€More
5840Cryo3 Beveled Glass Slidessakura1 x 2426.49€More
5834Cryo3 Drain Cleaning Brushsakura1 each114.20€More
5837Cryo3 Drain Coversakura1 each123.38€More
5836Cryo3 Fluorescent Lamp Assemblysakura1 each198.39€More
5829Cryo3 Foot Pedalsakura1 each493.84€More
5815Cryo3 Heat Extractor (Large)sakura1 each299.42€More
5811Cryo3 Heat Extractor (Standard)sakura1 each466.29€More
5828Cryo3 Ozone Lampsakura1 each957.68€More
5835Cryo3 Ozone Port Screensakura1 each198.39€More
5809Cryo3 Specimen Holders Large (55 mm); 6/cssakura1 x 6732.66€More
5808Cryo3 Specimen Holders Medium (38 mm); 6/cssakura1 x 6732.66€More
5807Cryo3 Specimen Holders Small (25 mm); 6/cssakura1 x 6732.66€More
5833Cryo3 Steel Knife Holdersakura1 each7.00€More
5824Cryo3 Utility Traysakura1 each204.52€More
5826Cryo3 Vacuum Filter Setsakura1 each140.21€More
5827Cryo3 Vacuum Hose Attachmentsakura1 each198.39€More
5825Cryo3 Waste Bottlesakura1 each253.50€More
4565Cryomold Molds/Adapters for use with II M/C Biopsy 10x10x5 mm; 100/cssakura1 x 100152.47€More
4566Cryomold Molds/Adapters for use with II M/C Intermediate 15x15x5 mm; 100/cssakura1 x 100152.47€More
4336Cyto-Tek 2500 Cytocentrifuge Base Holder 1 mL (200/cs)sakura1 x 200792.35€More
4326Cyto-Tek 2500 Cytocentrifuge Base Holder 6/12 mL (12/cs)sakura1 x 121.00€More
4335Cyto-Tek 2500 Cytocentrifuge Chamber Cap 1 mL (200/cs)sakura1 x 200155.53€More
4334Cyto-Tek 2500 Cytocentrifuge Chamber Cap 6/12 mL (25/cs)sakura1 x 25212.16€More
4301Cyto-Tek 2500 Cytocentrifuge Chamber Kit 1 mL (50/pcs)sakura50/cs224.16€More
4333Cyto-Tek 2500 Cytocentrifuge Filter Paper 1 mL (200/cs)sakura1 x 200192.27€More
4339Cyto-Tek 2500 Cytocentrifuge Filter Paper 12 mL (100/cs)sakura1 x 100677.54€More