Bacteria RNA Plus Reagent, 20 ml

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Catalog numberR402-01
NameBacteria RNA Plus Reagent, 20 ml
Size20 mililitres
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AvailabilityIn Stock. Please contact us to check the latest availability or to request a quote for larger or bulk quantity
Product utilizationThe product Bacteria RNA Plus Reagentis designed for application in RNA Purification and storage analyses
Storage conditionsOur specialists from Gentaur/Genprice recommend you to follow stricktly the instructions for storage of the product Bacteria RNA Plus Reagent described in the manual to keep the quality and stability of the reagents.
TipsThis product is manufactured for research purposes only. Please, contact our agents to check if there is any information about its application in diagnostics.
PropertiesBacteria are often produce in agar broths and other bacterial media by Vazyme.