DNA Loading Buffer Blue, 5x

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Catalog numberBIO-37045
NameDNA Loading Buffer Blue, 5x
Size2 x 1ml
SupplierBioline reagents
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AvailabilityPlease contact Gentaur/Genprice to check the availability and to request a quote.
DescriptionLoading Dye to monitor migration rate during agarose electrophorsis
Recommended storageStore at -20°C
Delivery methodThe DNA Loading Buffer Blue, 5x is delivered to your lab under blue ice or on top of dry ice. Please note that an additional fee may apply for dry ice packaging and handling.
Expiry dateSee the Box upon arrival
PropertiesBlue has a wavelength of around 480 nm and will make your sample visible. If your sample is too concentrated you can dissolve it in water.
ConjugationBlue Substrate
Additional descriptionBuffering solutions are useful to keep the pH range sable when using this reagent of Bioline reagents.