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152Cyanine 5 maleimide [equivalent to Cy5 maleimide]aat1 mg345.00€More
152Cyanine 5 maleimide [equivalent to Cy5® maleimide]aat1 milligram219.65€More
150Cyanine 5 monoacid [equivalent to Cy5 acid]aat5 mg345.00€More
150Cyanine 5 monoacid [equivalent to Cy5® acid]aat5 milligrams219.65€More
151Cyanine 5 monosuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy5 NHS ester]aat2X1 mg340.00€More
151Cyanine 5 monosuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy5® NHS ester]aat1 milligram132.65€More
280Cyanine 5 monosuccinimidyl ester, potassium salt [same as GE Cy5 NHS ester]aat2X1 mg340.00€More
179Cyanine 5.5 alkyne [equivalent to Cy5.5 alkyne]aat1 mg395.00€More
179Cyanine 5.5 alkyne [equivalent to Cy5.5® alkyne]aat1 milligram263.15€More
176Cyanine 5.5 amine [equivalent to Cy5.5 amine]aat1 mg395.00€More
176Cyanine 5.5 amine [equivalent to Cy5.5® amine]aat1 milligram263.15€More
178Cyanine 5.5 azide [equivalent to Cy5.5 azide]aat1 mg395.00€More
178Cyanine 5.5 azide [equivalent to Cy5.5® azide]aat1 milligram263.15€More
172Cyanine 5.5 bisacid [equivalent to Cy5.5 bisacid]aat5 mg345.00€More
172Cyanine 5.5 bisacid [equivalent to Cy5.5® bisacid]aat5 milligrams219.65€More
158Cyanine 5.5 bissuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy5.5 bisNHS ester]aat1 mg345.00€More
285Cyanine 5.5 bissuccinimidyl ester, potassium salt [same as GE Cy5.5 bisNHS ester]aat1 mg345.00€More
177Cyanine 5.5 hydrazide [equivalent to Cy5.5 hydrazide]aat1 mg395.00€More
177Cyanine 5.5 hydrazide [equivalent to Cy5.5® hydrazide]aat1 milligram263.15€More
175Cyanine 5.5 maleimide [equivalent to Cy5.5 maleimide]aat1 mg395.00€More
175Cyanine 5.5 maleimide [equivalent to Cy5.5® maleimide]aat1 milligram263.15€More
173Cyanine 5.5 monoacid [equivalent to Cy5.5 acid]aat5 mg345.00€More
173Cyanine 5.5 monoacid [equivalent to Cy5.5® acid]aat5 milligrams219.65€More
174Cyanine 5.5 monosuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy5.5 NHS ester]aat2X1 mg340.00€More
174Cyanine 5.5 monosuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy5.5® NHS ester]aat1 milligram219.65€More
283Cyanine 5.5 monosuccinimidyl ester, potassium salt [same as Cy5.5 NHS ester]aat1 mg345.00€More
164Cyanine 7 alkyne [equivalent to Cy7 alkyne]aat1 mg395.00€More
164Cyanine 7 alkyne [equivalent to Cy7® alkyne]aat1 milligram263.15€More
165Cyanine 7 amine [equivalent to Cy7 amine]aat1 mg395.00€More
165Cyanine 7 amine [equivalent to Cy7® amine]aat1 milligram263.15€More
163Cyanine 7 azide [equivalent to Cy7 azide]aat1 mg395.00€More
163Cyanine 7 azide [equivalent to Cy7® azide]aat1 milligram263.15€More
169Cyanine 7 bisacid [equivalent to Cy7 bisacid]aat5 mg345.00€More
169Cyanine 7 bisacid [equivalent to Cy7® bisacid]aat5 milligrams219.65€More
170Cyanine 7 bissuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy7 bisNHS ester]aat1 mg345.00€More
295Cyanine 7 bissuccinimidyl ester, potassium salt [same as GE Cy7 bisNHS ester]aat1 mg345.00€More
166Cyanine 7 hydrazide [equivalent to Cy7 hydrazide]aat1 mg395.00€More
166Cyanine 7 hydrazide [equivalent to Cy7® hydrazide]aat1 milligram263.15€More
162Cyanine 7 maleimide [equivalent to Cy7 maleimide]aat1 mg395.00€More
162Cyanine 7 maleimide [equivalent to Cy7® maleimide]aat1 milligram263.15€More
160Cyanine 7 monoacid [equivalent to Cy7 acid]aat5 mg395.00€More
160Cyanine 7 monoacid [equivalent to Cy7® acid]aat5 milligrams263.15€More
161Cyanine 7 monosuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy7 NHS ester]aat2X1 mg340.00€More
161Cyanine 7 monosuccinimidyl ester [equivalent to Cy7® NHS ester]aat1 milligram219.65€More
290Cyanine 7 monosuccinimidyl ester, potassium salt [same as GE Cy7 NHS ester]aat1 mg345.00€More
17590Cyber Green Nucleic Acid Gel Stain [Equivalent to SYBRÂ Green] *10,000X DMSO Solution*aat1 ml345.00€More
17590Cyber Green Nucleic Acid Gel Stain [Equivalent to SYBR® Green] *10,000X DMSO Solution*aat1 ml219.65€More
17592Cyber Green [Equivalent to SYBR Green] *10,000X Aqueous PCR Solution*aat1 ml1100.00€More
17591Cyber Green [Equivalent to SYBR Green] *20X Aqueous PCR Solution*aat5x1 ml345.00€More
17592Cyber Green [Equivalent to SYBR® Green] *10,000X Aqueous PCR Solution*aat1 ml876.50€More
17591Cyber Green [Equivalent to SYBR® Green] *20X Aqueous PCR Solution*aat5x1 ml219.65€More
17595Cyber Orange Nucleic Acid Gel Stain *10,000X DMSO Solution*aat1 ml445.00€More
12480Cyluc1 [(4S)-2-(6,7-Dihydro-5H-thiazolo[4,5-f]indol-2-yl)-4,5-dihydro-thiazole-4-carboxylic acid]aat2X5 mg340.00€More
12481Cyluc1 [(4S)-2-(6,7-Dihydro-5H-thiazolo[4,5-f]indol-2-yl)-4,5-dihydro-thiazole-4-carboxylic acid]aat25 mg345.00€More
12482Cyluc1 [(4S)-2-(6,7-Dihydro-5H-thiazolo[4,5-f]indol-2-yl)-4,5-dihydro-thiazole-4-carboxylic acid]aat100 mg645.00€More
22012CytoCalcein Violet 450 *Excited at 405 nm*aat1 milligram219.65€More
22012CytoCalcein Violet 450 *Excited at 405 nm*aat1 mg345.00€More
22013CytoCalcein Violet 500 *Excited at 405 nm*aat1 milligram219.65€More
22013CytoCalcein Violet 500 *Excited at 405 nm*aat1 mg345.00€More
22251CytoTell Blueaat500 Tests132.65€More
22252CytoTell Blueaat1000 Tests295.00€More
22251CytoTell Blueaat2X500 Tests340.00€More
22253CytoTell Greenaat500 Tests132.65€More
22254CytoTell Greenaat1000 Tests295.00€More
22253CytoTell Greenaat2X500 Tests340.00€More
22257CytoTell Orangeaat500 Tests132.65€More
22258CytoTell Orangeaat1000 Tests295.00€More
22257CytoTell Orangeaat2X500 Tests340.00€More
22261CytoTell Red 590aat500 Tests295.00€More
22262CytoTell Red 590aat1000 Tests395.00€More
22255CytoTell Red 650aat500 Tests132.65€More
22256CytoTell Red 650aat1000 Tests295.00€More
22255CytoTell Red 650aat2X500 Tests340.00€More
22240CytoTell UltraGreenaat500 Tests132.65€More
22241CytoTell UltraGreenaat1000 Tests295.00€More
22240CytoTell UltraGreenaat2X500 Tests340.00€More
22017CytoTrace Green CMFDAaat1 milligram219.65€More
22017CytoTrace Green CMFDAaat1 mg345.00€More
22014CytoTrace Orange CMTMR *CAS 323192-14-9*aat10x50 ug345.00€More
22016CytoTrace Red CFDAaat1 milligram219.65€More
22016CytoTrace Red CFDAaat1 mg345.00€More
22015CytoTrace Red CMTPXaat10x50 ug345.00€More
20040CytoWatch trehalose hexaacetate *Cell-permeable*aat100 milligrams306.65€More
20040CytoWatch trehalose hexaacetate *Cell-permeable*aat100 mg445.00€More
13459D-Ala-AMC *CAS 201847-52-1*aat5 milligrams132.65€More
13459D-Ala-AMC *CAS 201847-52-1*aat2X5 mg340.00€More
13415D-Aminoluciferinaat10 milligrams219.65€More
13415D-Aminoluciferinaat10 mg345.00€More
12516D-Luciferin acetateaat5 milligrams219.65€More
12516D-Luciferin acetateaat5 mg345.00€More
12515D-Luciferin ethyl ester *CAS 135251-85-3*aat5 milligrams219.65€More
12515D-Luciferin ethyl ester *CAS 135251-85-3*aat5 mg345.00€More
12513D-Luciferin galactoside *CAS 131474-38-9*aat5 milligrams219.65€More
12513D-Luciferin galactoside *CAS 131474-38-9*aat5 mg345.00€More
12514D-Luciferin methyl ester *CAS 73918-26-0*aat5 milligrams219.65€More
12514D-Luciferin methyl ester *CAS 73918-26-0*aat5 mg345.00€More
12512D-Luciferin phosphate *CAS 145613-12-3*aat1 milligram219.65€More
12512D-Luciferin phosphate *CAS 145613-12-3*aat1 mg345.00€More
12501D-Luciferin, free acid *CAS#: 2591-17-5*aat25 milligrams115.25€More
12502D-Luciferin, free acid *CAS#: 2591-17-5*aat100 milligrams132.65€More