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C0360-91ACentrifuge adapter for 15 "&" 16mL tubesCorning2 PK164.00€More
C0360-94XCentrifuge adapter for 15mL conical tubesCorning2 PK164.00€More
C0360-91DCentrifuge adapter for 15mL tubesCorning2 PK164.00€More
C0036-21DCentrifuge adapter for 2 x 30mL round tubesCorning2 PK207.00€More
C0360-91CCentrifuge adapter for 30mL round bottom tubesCorning2 PK164.00€More
C0360-94BCentrifuge adapter for 30mL tubesCorning2 PK164.00€More
C0036-21ECentrifuge adapter for 5 x 10mL round tubesCorning2 PK207.00€More
C0036-21CCentrifuge adapter for 50mL conical tubesCorning1 PK207.00€More
C0036-21BCentrifuge adapter for 50mL round tubesCorning2 PK207.00€More
C0036-21FCentrifuge adapter for 8 x 1.5mL tubesCorning2 PK207.00€More
C0036-75DCentrifuge adapter insert for 1 x 250mL tubesCorning2 PK354.00€More
C0036-75CCentrifuge adapter insert for 3 x 50mL conical tubesCorning2 PK349.00€More
C0036-75ACentrifuge adapter insert for 7 x 15mL tubesCorning2 PK354.00€More
C0300-120Centrifuge carrier for 1 x 100mL tubesCorning2 PK235.00€More
C0300-122Centrifuge carrier for 1 x 50mL conical tubesCorning2 PK235.00€More
C0383-75FCentrifuge carrier for 19 x 10mL tubesCorning2 PK428.00€More
C0300-123Centrifuge carrier for 2 x 15mL conical tubesCorning2 PK235.00€More
C0383-75ICentrifuge carrier for 25 x 1.5mL tubesCorning2 PK428.00€More
C0300-124Centrifuge carrier for 7 x 10mL round bottom tubesCorning2 PK235.00€More
C0300-126Centrifuge carrier for 7 x 5/7mL vacutainer tubesCorning2 PK235.00€More
C0320-720Centrifuge insert for 1 x 80 or 100mL tubesCorning2 PK202.00€More
C0036-75GCentrifuge insert for 10 x 5/7mL tubesCorning2 PK354.00€More
C0036-75BCentrifuge insert for 3 x 50mL round tubesCorning2 PK348.00€More
C0320-724Centrifuge insert for 4 x 10mL tubesCorning2 PK202.00€More
C0320-730Centrifuge insert for 4 x 7mL (13 x 100mm) tubesCorning2 PK202.00€More
C0320-725Centrifuge insert for 7 x 5mL (10/12 x 75mm) tubesCorning2 PK202.00€More
C0036-75ECentrifuge insert for 8 x 10mL (16 mm) tubesCorning2 PK348.00€More
C0036-75LIDCentrifuge rotor lid for swing out bucketsCorning2 PK128.00€More
C0326-230VCentrifuge, Hermle Z326 UniverCorning1 EA4239.00€More
C1000-230VCentrifuge-Mini Plate SpinnerCorning1 EA515.00€More
SP29055Charging Std - 2 PositionCorning1 EA108.00€More
GDS-12018Clear gel tray-UV transmitting tray for gel handCorning1 EA186.00€More
E1107-10-1.5COMB - 10 SAMPLE 1.5mmCorning1 EA80.00€More
E1115-10-1COMB - 10 SAMPLE 1mmCorning1 EA89.00€More
E2120-C-.75-1-1COMB 1 PREP, 1 MARKER, 0.75MMCorning1 EA74.00€More
E2120-C-1.5-1-1COMB 1 PREP, 1 MARKER, 1.5MM TCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2110-10-0.75COMB 10 SAMPLE 0.75mmCorning1 EA84.00€More
E2110-10-1.5COMB 10 SAMPLE 1.5mm THICKCorning1 EA84.00€More
E1110-10MC-1.5COMB 10 SAMPLE MC, 1.5mm THICKCorning1 EA82.00€More
E1110-12-0.75COMB 12 SAMPLE 0.75mm THICKCorning1 EA82.00€More
E1107-12MC-1.5COMB 12 SAMPLE 1.5mmCorning1 EA80.00€More
E2110-12-1.5COMB 12 SAMPLE 1.5mmCorning1 EA84.00€More
E1110-12-1.5COMB 12-SAMPLE 1.5mm THICKCorning1 EA82.00€More
E1120-16-.75COMB 16 SAMPLE 0.75mmCorning1 EA96.00€More
E1110-16-0.75COMB 16 SAMPLE 0.75mm WIDECorning1 EA82.00€More
E1107-16-1.5COMB 16 SAMPLE 1.5 mmCorning1 EA80.00€More
E1110-16-1.5COMB 16 SAMPLE 1.5mmCorning1 EA82.00€More
E1115-18MC-1.5COMB 18 SAMPLE MC 1.5 mm THICKCorning1 EA89.00€More
E1115-20-0.75COMB 20 SAMPLE 0.75mmCorning1 EA89.00€More
E1115-20-1.5COMB 20 SAMPLE 1.5mmCorning1 EA89.00€More
E1120-20MC-1.5COMB 20 SAMPLE MC 1.5mmCorning1 EA96.00€More
E1110-20MC-1.5COMB 20 SAMPLE MC 1.5mm THICKCorning1 EA82.00€More
E2120-C-1.5-24COMB 24 SAMPLE, 1.5MM THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E1115-28MC-1.5COMB 28 SAMPLE MC 1.5mm THICKCorning1 EA89.00€More
E2120-C-1.5-30COMB 30 SAMPLE, 1.5MM THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E1115-30MC-1.5COMB 30 WELL 1.5mm THICK MULTICorning1 EA89.00€More
E1115-35-1.5COMB 35 SAMPLE, 1.5mm THICKCorning1 EA89.00€More
E1120-40MC-1.5COMB 40 SAMPLE MC 1.5mmCorning1 EA96.00€More
E1107-5-1.5COMB 5 SAMPLE 1.5mmCorning1 EA80.00€More
E2120-C-.75-5COMB 5 SAMPLE, 0.75MM THICKCorning1 EA74.00€More
E1107-8-0.75COMB 8 SAMPLE 0.75mm THICKCorning1 EA80.00€More
E1115-8-1.5COMB 8 SAMPLE 1.5mmCorning1 EA89.00€More
E2120-C-.75-10COMB, 10 SAMPLE, 0.75MM THICKCorning1 EA74.00€More
E2120-C-1.5-10COMB, 10 SAMPLE, 1.5MM THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-1-10COMB, 10 SAMPLE, 1mm THICKCorning1 EA75.00€More
E2120-C-2-10COMB, 10 SAMPLE, 2mm THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-.75-18MCOMB, 18 SAMPLE MC, 0.75MM THICorning1 EA74.00€More
E2120-C-2-18MCCOMB, 18SAMPLE MC , 2mm THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-2-24COMB, 24 SAMPLE 2mm THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-.75-24COMB, 24 SAMPLE, 0.75MM THICKCorning1 EA74.00€More
E2120-C-1-24COMB, 24 SAMPLE, 1mm THICK (2)Corning1 EA75.00€More
E2120-C-.75-30COMB, 30 SAMPLE, 0.75MM THICKCorning1 EA74.00€More
E2120-C-1-30COMB, 30 SAMPLE, 1mm THICKCorning1 EA75.00€More
E2120-C-2-30COMB, 30 SAMPLE, 2mm THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C1.5-36MCCOMB, 36 SAMPLE MC, 1.5MM THICCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-1-36MCCOMB, 36 SAMPLE MC, 1mm THICKCorning1 EA75.00€More
E2120-C-2-36MCCOMB, 36 SAMPLE MC, 2mm THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-.75-36MCOMB, 36SAMPLE MC, 0.75MM THICCorning1 EA74.00€More
E2120-C-2-48COMB, 48 SAMPLE 2mm THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-.75-48COMB, 48 SAMPLE, 0.75MM THICKCorning1 EA74.00€More
E2120-C-1.5-48COMB, 48 SAMPLE, 1.5MM THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-1-48COMB, 48 SAMPLE, 1mm THICKCorning1 EA75.00€More
E2120-C-1.5-5COMB, 5 SAMPLE, 1.5MM THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C-1-5COMB, 5 SAMPLE, 1mm THICKCorning1 EA75.00€More
E2120-C-2-5COMB, 5 SAMPLE, 2mm THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
E2120-C1.5-18MCCOMB18 SAMPLE MC, 1.5MM THICKCorning1 EA76.00€More
I-5260Combi tube holder, 6 x 15/50mLCorning1 EA263.00€More
C0230-17ACombination adapterCorning1 PK103.00€More
C0216-48Combination fixed angle rotor, 24 x 1.5/2.0mL and 24 x 0.5mLCorning1 EA776.00€More
K1940CUVETTE 2.5mL PSCorning500 CS93.00€More
K1962CUVETTE CAPS 1000/PKCorning1000 PK73.00€More
K260CUVETTE HOLDER 5/PKCorning5 PK61.00€More
S0500-230V-EUDenville Nutating 3-D mixer, 230V EU power cordCorning1 EA367.00€More
S0500-230V-UKDenville Nutating 3-D mixer, 230V UK power cordCorning1 EA367.00€More
D1100-230VDigital Dry Bath Single BlockCorning1 EA322.00€More
D1200-230VDigital Drybath Dual Block-230Corning1 EA396.00€More
I-5311-DS-230VDigital Incubator Model 311DsCorning1 EA4141.00€More
S0500-MATDimpled matCorning1 EA69.00€More
S1000-MDimpled Rubber MatCorning1 EA79.00€More
K434DISCONNECTOR 4-5-6mm PE 100/Corning100 PK117.00€More