Antibiotic A-23187, Ca2+ ionophore

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Catalog numberSIH-227-10MG
NameAntibiotic A-23187, Ca2+ ionophore
Size10 mg
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CAS number52665-69-7
DescriptionCa2+ ionophore
Molecular weight523,63 g/mol
Primary research fieldsCancer, Apoptosis
Other name5-(Methylamino)-2-({(2S,3S,8S,9R,11R)-3,9,11-trimethyl-8-[(2S)-1-oxo-1-(1H-pyrrol-2-yl)-2-propanyl]-1,7-dioxaspiro[5.5]undec-2-yl}methyl)-1,3-benzoxazole-4-carboxylic acid, A23187, Calcimycin
Product categorySmall Molecules
Product typeInducer
Chemical formulaC29H37N3O6
Purity pourcentage>98%
Soluble inSoluble to 10 mM in ethanol and to 50 mM in DMSO
Physical appearanceWhite Solid
Storage recommendations-20ºC
Shipping recommendationsShipped Ambient
Safety informationClassification: Caution: Substance not yet fully tested. Safety Phrases: S22 - Do not breathe dust S24/25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes S36/37/39 - Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection
PubChem number40486
Scientific contextA23187 is a mobile ion-carrier that forms stable complexes with divalent cations. It has antibiotic properties against gram positive bacteria and funghi. It also acts as divalent cation ionophore, that is used to increase intracellular calcium levels in intact cells (1). It also induces apoptosis in some cells and prevents it in others (2).
Bibliography1. Abbott B.J., et al. (1979) Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 16(6): 808-812. 2.
Release date16-May-2011
PubMed numberRefer to PubMed
Tested applicationsTo be tested
Tested reactivityTo be tested
Representative figure legendChemical structure of Antibiotic A-23187 (SIH-227), a Ca2+ ionophore. CAS #: 52665-69-7. Molecular Formula: C29H37N3O6. Molecular Weight: 523.63 g/mol. Chemical structure of Antibiotic A-23187, a Ca2+ ionophore (SIH-227). CAS # 52665-69-7. Molecular Formula: C29H37N3O6.
Warning informationNon-hazardous
Country of productionCanada
Total weight (kg)0.25
Net weight (g)0.01