Amifostine, HIF-1α activator

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Catalog numberSIH-210-50MG
NameAmifostine, HIF-1α activator
Size50 mg
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CAS number20537-88-6
DescriptionHIF-1α activator
Molecular weight214,22 g/mol
Primary research fieldsCancer, Apoptosis
Other nameS-{2-[(3-Aminopropyl)amino]ethyl} dihydrogen phosphorothioate
Product categorySmall Molecules
Product typeActivator
Chemical formulaC5H15N2O3PS
Purity pourcentage>98%
Soluble inSoluble in water
Physical appearanceWhite Solid
Storage recommendations-20ºC
Shipping recommendationsShipped Ambient
Safety informationClassification: Harmful. May be harmful if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through skin. Safety Phrases: S22 - Do not breathe dust S24/25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes S36/37/39 - Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection Hazard Phrases: H302
PubChem number2141
Scientific contextAmifostine is a cytoprotective adjuvant used in cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Inside cells it detoxifies reactive metabolites of platinum and alkylating agents (1, 2). Other effects include accelerated DNA repair (1), induction of cellular hypoxia (1), inhibition of apoptosis (2), alteration of gene expression (2) and modification of enzyme activity (2).
Bibliography1. Kouvaris J.R., Kouloulias V.E., Blahos L.J. (2007) Oncologist. 12(6): 738-747. 2. Amifostine: BC Cancer Agency. 2006-03-01.
Release date16-May-2011
PubMed numberRefer to PubMed
Tested applicationsTo be tested
Tested reactivityTo be tested
Representative figure legendChemical structure of Amifostine (SIH-210), a Cellular protectant. CAS #: 20537-88-6. Molecular Formula: C5H15N2O3PS. Molecular Weight: 214.22 g/mol. Chemical structure of Amifostine, a Cellular protectant (SIH-210). CAS # 20537-88-6. Molecular Formula: C5H15N2O3PS.
Warning informationNon-hazardous
Country of productionCanada
Total weight (kg)0.25
Net weight (g)0.05