Mouse ES(Endostatin) ELISA Kit

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  • Detection range: 0.781-50 ng/ml
  • Alias: ES/COL18A1/antiangiogenic agent/collagen alpha-1(XVIII) chain/collagen, type XVIII, alpha 1/FLJ27325/FLJ34914/human type XVIII collagen10endostatin/KNO/KNO1MGC74745/Knobloch syndrome, type 1/KS/multi-functional protein MFP

Katalognummer: EM1009

Größe: 96T

Method of detection: Double Antibody, Sandwich ELISA;Reacts with: Mus ;Sensitivity: 0.469 ng/ml
The ELISA kit should be stored in a fridge, at 4 ℃. It could be used 6 months after the manufacturing date. Before using it, check the expiry date of the kit.
Mouse ES(Endostatin) ELISA Kit is for research use only. Do not use on humans.

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